Seattle, USA, March 2018

I rode the bus to work at Boeing Flight Training. I saw the Washington State flag. I saw the model airplanes in the lobby
a Ferda Rides the Bus.jpg
f Washington Flag.JPG
b Boeing Lobby.jpg
I ate lunch in the cafeteria. I ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a friend.
c Lunch at work.JPG
e Mexican dinner.jpg
The next day, I went to the Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle, a convention for fans of comics and science fiction.
I met Cinderella, a Star Wars Stormtrooper, an Elf and Mr. Spock from Star Trek.
Mr Spock.jpg
I rode the Alweg Monorail to the famous Space Needle.
I made friends with the Monorail Driver.
Alweg Monorail.jpg
Monorail Driver.jpg
I made friends everywhere he went!
I said "Ni Hao!" to Chinese tourists.
I met a girl with Mermaid hair.
I met a Fishmonger, and a Spice Merchant.
I met a Punk Rocker, and a large Sea Otter.
a Chinese tourists.jpg
b Mermaid Hair Girl.jpg
c Fishmonger.jpg
d Spice Merchant.jpg
e Rocker.jpg
f Sea otter.jpg
I went to the famous Pike Place Market.
I visited the large brass piggy bank, named Rachel.
I even saw the Gum Wall, ew!
a Pike Place Market.jpg
b Rachel the Pig.jpg
c Gum Wall.jpg
I visited the most famous sights in Seattle.
I saw the Space Needle, and the Pacific Science Center.
I saw the Museum of Pop Culture, with its Purple Haze wall.
I saw the statue of Ivar Haglund feeding a french fry to a seagull.
I went to Miner's Landing and saw the Great Wheel.
I looked for a souvenir license plate with his name, but couldn't find one.
a Space Needle.jpg
b Pacific Science Center Arches.jpg
c Museum of Popular Culture.jpg
d Ivar Haglund statue.jpg
e Miners Landing and Great Wheel.jpg
f No Ferda name plate.jpg
I went to Chinatown - International District, and saw the famous Chinatown Gate.
Then I went to Uwajimaya, the large Chinatown - International District grocery store and he saw a dragon!
Uwajimaya Store.jpg
And then it was time for ne to travel again....
Ferda Mailbox.JPG
Ferda v Tomsku 3.jpg
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