Republic of Tyva (Russia), August 2017

Altyn-Bulak is modern ethnic and cultural touristic complex which is located in the place surrounded by the hills near the wonderful river Ulug-Khem or Upper Yenisey. It is not far from the city Kyzyl, the capital of Republic of Tyva (in the south of Siberia).
The local legend says that in ancient times one of the Genghis Khan’s headquarters was in that place. It is a beautiful yurt and chum camp which depicts the samples of traditional Tuvinian dwelling. The white Tuvinian yurts are built in the form of Solar system. In the centre there is a yurt-restaurant where everyone can taste traditional Tuvinian dishes. Also there are chums, the other national dwelling, there.
Tourists can have a wonderful rest in Altyn-Bulak; inside yurts and chums there are all modern facilities such as shower, TV, air conditioners, etc.
Chadan is a very small town in Republic of Tyva. It’s surrounded by the Sayany Mountains. The Sayany are very beautiful.
Tuvinonan dish
Tuvinonan dish

Tuvinonan dish

Tuvinonan dish
Old temple ruins
1 ruins old temple.jpg
7 temple.jpg
6 gate .jpg
yurt-restaurant .jpg
3 yurt.jpg
4 inside yurt.jpg
Prayer wheels
2 prayer wheel.jpg
5 stupa.jpg
Ferda in Kyzyl
Kyzyl is the capital of Republic of Tyva; it’s situated on the banks of the river Yenisey. The Yenisey is the second largest river in Russia and in Asia.
Yenisey river
On the embankment you can see the place where Biy-Khem (Large Yenisey) and Kaa-Yenisey (Small Yenisey) run into one another and form the Yenisey which goes to the north of Russia and runs into the Kara Sea in the Arctic Ocean.
The Tuvinian people consider this river to be sacred. This is Buddhist stupa (or suburgan) in the embankment.
2 suburgan.jpg
Centre of Asia
Here in Kyzyl the geographical centre of Asia continent is located. I managed to come to the centre of Asia just in the evening so the photos in this fold are not good. I send you some pictures taken from the Internet to show you this place.
3centre of Asia.jpg
3from Internert.jpg
King’s Hunt
Near the centre of Asia there is a sculpture “Tsar Hunt” (or King’s Hunt” by Dashi Namdakov, a famous sculptor. I like his works very much. To the fold I’ve put the picture from the first presentation of this sculpture in Irkutsk. I’d like to show you the grace of this work which was showcased in the big variant of it (in Kyzyl).
4king's hunt.jpg
Ferda v Tomsku 3.jpg
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